David Smith
58 Westhead Road
Etobicoke, Ontario M8W4S3
(416) 505-4896
A contract position as a Senior Macintosh Software Developer that lets me utilize my years of experience in developing C++ applications for the Macintosh platform.
Senior Developer, Westhead Consulting, Etobicoke, Ontario — 2001 - Present
  1. Member of team responsible for developing a next generation of online casino software for Microsoft Windows using Visual Studio C++ and utilizing an in-house 3D game engine. Wrote and supported a number of table style games as well as provided support to other team members.
  2. Developed a C library and application for Mac OS X to control a light source for photo-microscopy.
  3. Wrote a CUPS backend module in C++ to provide proprietary print job transport based on HTTP and XML.  Rewrote GUI portion of project, developed in an earlier contract, to support new job transport process.
  4. Wrote a series of command line tools in C++ and utilized a client’s graphics library to provide image manipulation on Linux.
  5. Redesigned and rewrote a client’s print job monitoring product to support new features and converted to Carbon APIs for OS X support.  The product consisted of a Laserwriter hose (data transfer shared library), a GUI application to communicate with their printing accounting server, and an administration application.
  6. Converted the shareware application GolfMeister to Carbon APIs to run natively on OS X.
  7. Designed and developed tools to provide database synchronization for a client’s distributed web based sports statistics system.
Team Lead, Hotline Communications, Toronto, Ontario — 2000 - 2001
  1. Designed and programmed an in-house cross platform (Mac OS, Windows, and Linux) framework in C++.  The framework provided abstractions for networking, file system, GUI and multimedia components.  GUI components were constructed from XML based resource definitions.  The framework made extensive use of the latest C++ techniques, including templates and the STL.
  2. Developed Quicktime component to stream media over proprietary networking protocol.
  3. Developed Mac OS OpenTransport networking components for the networking team.
  4. Developed Mac OS threading wrapper classes, including synchronization constructs, for the framework.
  5. Managed the development team in charge of the GUI and multimedia components.  Prepared and managed the team’s project timelines.
Senior Developer, Westhead Consulting, Etobicoke, Ontario — 1994 - 2000
  1. Started a shareware company, Barking Spider Software, and developed and maintained an application called GolfMeister.  The application was written using the PowerPlant application framework provided by Metrowerks.
  2. Developed a Mac printer driver to provide LPR network printing and to connect to the printing accounting system provided by a client.  The accounting client transferred print job information to the accounting system for logging.
  3. Developed a magnetic and smart card reader library.
  4. Designed and developed upgrade for multi-user Human Resource database written using 4th Dimension, SQL Server, and Sybase.
  5. Principal developer of large-scale multi-user database to track inventory for a provincial government agency.
  6. Developed video capture and analysis tool using C++ and QuickTime for the Apple Macintosh.
  7. Contract programmer for large multinational financial organization.  Developed multi-user Human Resource management database.
  8. Researched cross platform (Macintosh and Windows) development tools for use in developing a client/server database system.  Reviewed tools including XVT, C++/Views and Galaxy.
Senior Programmer, The Jamieson/Williams Group, Mississauga, Ontario — 1989 - 1994
  1. Lead designer and developer of a large-scale multi-user Human Resource Information System developed in 4th Dimension, Sybase and Oracle.
  2. Involved in all aspects of product design, development, customization and implementation.
  3. Designed and developed a multi-user Training Administration System for a large telecommunications firm.
  4. Developed tools in C and Prograph CPX for use during the development process.
  5. Developed 4th Dimension externals in C.
  6. Provided both hotline and onsite technical support to clients.
Human Resource Analyst, Northern Telecom Limited, Mississauga, Ontario — 1986 - 1989
  1. Designed and developed databases and applications, using 4th Dimension and C on the Apple Macintosh, for use in the Human Resources group.
  2. Designed and produced various reports and analyses using Aldus PageMaker, Microsoft Excel, Informix Wingz and Informix SQL for senior management.
  3. Provided Apple Macintosh and IBM PC support for department.
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario — Bachelor of Mathematics, 1985
Programming Languages - C++, C, Objective C, Pascal, 4th Dimension
Libraries & Technologies - Carbon, STL, PowerPlant,  Cocoa, Quicktime
Development Platforms - Xcode, CodeWarrior, Visual Studio C++, MySQL, Sybase, Oracle
Operating Systems - Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, UNIX, Windows
Other Interests
Golf, woodworking, cooking, backpacking
References furnished upon request